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About Us

The driving factor behind MTech is to provide an ATM merchant with everything he requires, including ATMs, wraps, car voltages, mobile ATMs, and almost everything else related to a functional ATM. Samir Kadi and Frank Perez, two industry veterans with extensive experience, are determined to make the process of obtaining the requirements for merchants to manage their businesses with efficiency and skill as simple as possible. We're always looking for new and simple methods to help you grow your business, increase your revenue, and meet your customers' expectations.

Custom Wraps

We design one-of-a-kind custom marketing wraps and topper sliders to give your product a distinct look. We understand the importance of innovation in improving the vibrancy and appeal of your brand, so we work hard to guarantee that your product gets the most exposure possible, which leads to more locations and, ultimately, more productivity for your company. We offer custom-made packages that suit the particular requirements of all our valued customers, as part of our commitment to ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


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Mobile ATM with a Personal Touch

We endeavour to tailor Mobile ATMs to your brand's needs as one of the country's leading providers of Mobile ATMs. Our customers can choose from a variety of items, such as ATMs like NH2700T, GT300, Onyx W, 4000W, and many more, after which we will custom assemble them into a container with your preferred style.

Our wireless Mobile ATMs are ideal for any event or venue since their wireless feature allows them to be placed nearly anywhere without fear of signal disruption.

Furthermore, site experts are present at all times to supervise and verify that the machines are in good working order throughout your event. On, you can schedule a technician or download the ATMTECHNOW Mobile App.

Create your mobile ATM with us!

Merchant Processing

MTech distributors offer stores high-quality financial and technological solutions at reasonable pricing. MTech is led by a group of forward-thinking entrepreneurs with substantial retail and distribution experience in merchant processing who can help you direct your company to success.

We Offer:


Our high-speed countertop credit card terminals are meant to help you improve sales by processing EMV chip cards and, on top of that, they have Near Field Communications (NFC) capabilities, making them ideal for contactless payment choices.

Wireless Terminals

Wireless terminals enable you to handle payments and produce receipts at the moment, making them excellent for table options, kiosks, event vendors, delivery, and repair services, among other applications. You may make quick and safe payments using the wireless option, which also accepts EMV cards.

EBT Processing

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Processing A government welfare recipient can authorize the transfer of their benefits from a federal account to a retailer's account to pay for products through transfer processing. The federal government revised the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in 2014, thus ending businesses' access to free equipment and EBT transaction processing.


How Bitcoin ATMs work

MTech BTM has been working hard to make cryptocurrency BTM usage, setting, and ownership as simple as possible. Our MTech BTM, with its new improved software, is a cutting-edge BTM, created to meet the needs of its new customers, who will certainly profit from its simple features and safe, interactive interface. Customers who have previously used a cash BTM and a smartphone will have no trouble initiating their first transaction with this enhanced BTM.

How Bitcoin ATMs work

Before you buy bitcoins, you'll need a wallet, which you can get from a variety of websites, but the simplest choice is to download a wallet app on your phone from Coinbase,, or any other wallet available in the App store.

Once you've made a wallet, press the start button on the BTM screen and scan the QR code with the machine's scanner. When your address appears on the screen, enter the amount of money in bills equal to the number of bitcoins you want to buy. On the screen, you'll see the exchange rate as well as the amount you're about to spend.


Selling Bitcoins

A BTM will also assist you if you have bitcoins that you want to convert into fiat currency.

All you have to do is choose the option to sell bitcoins on the BTM screen, and the BTM will ask you to scan its address with your phone before transferring the bitcoin to it.

The machine will then dispense fiat banknotes equal to the bitcoins you transferred in return, and this is how a BTM machine works.

Aside from being simple, the process only takes a few minutes to set up and does not require any technical knowledge. Our user interface is simple and easy, allowing you to conduct business with your clients without any errors or inconvenience.

Our devices are "Plug and Play," which means that after you receive the delivered machine, it will be completely operational and configured to your local currency and language almost immediately.


What exactly is Bitcoin?

This is the main question that will pique the interest of anyone who is learning about Bitcoin for the first time. The explanation that Bitcoin is a modernized type of currency appears to be very accurate. Despite its primarily monetary function, the name "currency" is overly basic and fails to adequately describe its broad-based fundamental value propositions.

Because of its versatile characteristics and utilitarian efficacy, it's vital to remember that Bitcoin isn't a single answer. As a result, characterizing it merely as money is a bit of a stretch.

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency.

Bitcoin appears to be just like any other cash because it fulfils the same duties as ordinary currency. What distinguishes it is that it exists predominantly in digital form, making it an integral aspect of the post-modern era's virtual reality.


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