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Kitchen Display (KDS)

Kitchen Display (KDS)

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A kitchen display is a digital screen or monitor typically used in commercial kitchens to efficiently manage and display food orders from customers. It replaces traditional paper tickets and allows kitchen staff to see orders in real-time, prioritize tasks, and streamline the cooking process for a more organized and efficient operation. Kitchen displays are often integrated with point-of-sale (POS) systems for seamless order management. 

Monthly Cost: $25.00

Basic Bundle Includes

Basic Bundle Includes:

All-Touch Cashier Computer 15″ or 17″

12″ Customer Facing Display

TCP/IP Printer 2D Scanner (w/ ID Scanning)

Cash Drawer

Battery Backup

RouterPAX S300 Pin-Pad

All Neccessary Cabling

Loss Prevention Bundle Includes

Loss Prevention Bundle Includes:

Basic Bundle

+Integrated Security Camera


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    • Company Wide Pricebook Management
    • Product Scanning & Department Management
    • Flexible Reporting Dashboard
    • Advanced Reporting
    • Mobile App
    • Everything in Basic
    • Tobacco Scan Data Program
    • Tobacco Scan Data Loyalty
    • Promotion Management
    • Shelving Label Printer Integration
    • Lottery Inventory Management
    • Unlimited User Accounts
    • User Permission Management
    • Everything in Professional
    • Veeder-Root TLS Integration
    • Veeder-Root TLS Auto-Ordering & Low Gas Alerting
    • Veeder-Root TLS Shrinkage & Gas Reconciliation
    • Store-Specific Pricing
    • Store Inventory
    • Clock In/Out & Payroll Calculation
    • Inventory Reporting & Shrinkage Analysis
    • Vendor Electronic Invoice Receiving (EDI)
    • Check Writing
    • Custom Onboarding
    • Custom Development
    • 24/7 Phone Support
    • Dedicated Account Manager

Software that can do it all

  • Loss Prevention Camera Integration
  • Laser-Speed Barcode Scanning
  • Tobacco Scan Data & Loyalty
  • Managing from Phone, Web, or POS Directly
  • EDI Inventory & Automation
  • First Class Gas Station Integration (Certified by both Gilbarco & VeriFone!)
  • Kitchen Printer
  • Integrated Credit-Card Processing
  • Dual Pricing Programs
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Inventory Tracking

Our robust inventory module can track and manage your entire store with detailed financial tracking and shrinkage reporting.


Store your entire pricebook in the cloud, enabling you to change prices from anywhere, anytime, and never have to worry about losing your pricebook. All data is backed up in Google Data Centers across the US.

Scan Data Promotions

Provide us with your Altria and/or RJ Reynolds account numbers and we will hold your hand and guide you through Scan Data Enrollment to earn you additional savings and increase tobacco sales.