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Everything You Need To
Run Your Business With
Efficiency & Ease
. New Refurbished ATM Sales
. ATM Parts & Repair
. Wireless Communication
. Signgage,Supplies & Accessories
. POS & Credit Card Systems
. Cash Discount Program
. Transaction Processing
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Merchant Card Processing
Mtech distributors provides high quality compititively-priced
finanial technical solutions for retailers.
Mtech is led by innovators with numerous years of retail
and distribution experience in merchant processing.
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Want to Earn More Revenue
from your Existing ATM
Ask us about our Cash Discount Program
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Everything You Need To
Run Your Business With
Efficiency & Ease
. New Hyosung & Genmega ATMs
. Refurbished ATMs
. ATM Parts & Repair
. Transaction Processing
. Wireless Communications
. Signage, Supplies & Accessories
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ATM Techs: Want to Earn More Money?
Download TECHataCLICK Technician App nowto start
maximizing your earning potential
. Only accept jobs you want, when you want
. Automated functions eleminate paperwork
. Route optimization
. Ordering parts is simple
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MTech is committed to excellence both with


Variety of security measures implemented!

All Hyosung Retail ATM Models Include

24-Month Warranty

All Genmega Retail ATM Models Include

24-Month Warranty

The Ultimate Desktop Solution

Packed with the latest PCI certification, the classic and robust D210 can ensure your transaction throughout the day, which is a preferred choice for merchant who requires portability, large battery capacity and affordable.

Welcome to MTech

MTech LLC supports businesses with a total “turnkey” operation that includes new state-of-the-art equipment, installation and start-up, signage, warranty coverage, and online transaction processing through all the major networks. If you’re looking to purchase an ATM, look no further than MTech LLC, the best solution for the purchase of Automated Teller Machines.

“The principals of the company have a combined 25 years of banking and business experience, building their success on providing superior products and services to their clients.”

— MTech Distributors LLC.

Latest Product

PAX E600 Portable


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