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Please send us your dispenser for diagnosis and repair. Once we've assessed the issue, we'll promptly return it to you. Please be aware that the final price may vary depending on the extent of repairs needed.
Shipping Weight: 27lbs
Manufactured by: Nautilus Hyosung
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Return Shipping Label Included with Forward Swap Program!

Refurbishment of Hyosung New Style 1,000 Note Dispenser (CDU-20)

Compatible With: NH 1800SE , MX 5000SE , NH 2700CE , MX 5200SE , HALO , HALO II , MX 2800SE , HALO S , MX 5200

***Please Note! - These dispensers have many plastic parts that can break in shipping if not properly secured in the packaging. To avoid having your dispenser deemed irreparable, be sure to provide as much packing and protection to these dispensers when sending them in for repair.***

Mainboard repair NOT included. 

Refurbished New Style 1000 Note Removable Cassette Dispenser Receives The Following:

• NOW INCLUDED! - Solenoid Support Bracket (for broken solenoid plastic housing or posts)

• Replacement of Belts
• Replacement of Broken Gear Posts
• Replacement of Worn/Melted Rollers
• Replacement of Anti-Static Brush
• Replacement of Broken/Damaged Sensors 
• Replacement of Broken/Damaged Retainer Clips
• Complete Diagnostics Using Hyosung Diagnostics Software
• Extensive Cleaning, Lubrication, Calibration & Testing!

Upcharge for: (Including but not limited to)

Broken Plastic/MetalBent/Broken FramesRodent DamageAny damage beyond normal refurbishment

Reference Numbers: S7430002494, S7310000582, S7310000184

Manufacturer Part Number: S7010000179

This repair is subject to a $75 diagnostic fee to cover the time to troubleshoot and diagnose the part. This fee will ONLY apply if the repair is deemed "Irreparable" or "No Fault Found".