No Processing Fees

Stop overpaying and save on hard-earned profits!

How Our Dual Pricing Program Can Guarantee ZERO Credit Card Processing Fees

Merchants often receive a hefty bill or statement at the end of the month portraying all of the fees they are inclined to pay for accepting card payments. With a Dual Pricing Program, the customer will be presented both a cash price and card price. By distinguishing between the two, the customer is given the option to pay preferred payment method. The card price, will supply a slightly higher amount than the normal cash price as it will add a small fee to the total transaction . Once agreed on the cost of purchase, the consumer will cover the processing fee for that transaction. Many businesses such as Gas stations prefer the Dual Pricing Program due to being prone to small profit margins. The Dual Pricing Program allows the Gas Station merchants to offer card payment methods and save on a daily basis. Dual Pricing Programs are proven to significantly lower or eliminate the business's card processing costs.