Warranties & Returns

Warranty Replacement & Returned Parts 

If you have a warranty issue, you will need to call 888-411-7583 to troubleshoot your issue and obtain approval for an RMA. MTechDistributors.com covers the shipping costs for sending a warranty replacement part out into the field as long as the destination address is a domestic address. In addition, all domestic warranty-return items include pre-paid shipping labels. When we send a replacement warranty part out to you, a pre-paid shipping label is included in the box. The shipping costs are covered for standard shipping only. If you require overnight delivery of a warranty part, priority shipping charges will apply. Customer understands that if no issues are found with the warranty item in question, customer is responsible and will be charged the cost of shipping to and from MTechDistributors.com. All part warranty returns are subject to management approval and must be returned within 90 days of purchase. All part repairs purchased through MTechDistributors.com are covered by a 6-month warranty. 


Parts Return Policy 

When it comes to troubleshooting, and diagnosing service issues, we understand that you may need to order multiple parts as part of the repair process. In some instances, there may be parts that are not used. With that in mind, MTechDistributors.com offers a limited return program for unused parts. Limitations on what parts we accept back are based on the condition of the returned part, the age of the part and the reason for the return. A restocking fee is charged to cover the handling, testing and verification of all parts that are returned. All returns for new and refurbished parts are subject to management approval and must be returned within 30 days of purchase. 



All returned parts must have an RMA before they can be accepted. To obtain an RMA, please call 888-411-7583 or email us at support@mtechdistributors.com to get approval for an RMA. Once an RMA has been generated, you will be given instructions on how to return your item to us for proper credit. 

Re-Stocking Fee 

All returned parts are subject to inspection and will be charged a restocking fee. mtechdistributors.com will inspect the returned parts and can refuse to accept them if there is inadequate packaging, if a part has been used, altered or modified, or if it has been subject to abnormal environmental conditions. In the event a part is not accepted, you will be notified with a reason as to why it is being rejected. You can choose to have the part returned to you. 15% re-stocking fee is charged for parts that have not been opened. 20% re-stocking fee is charged for any item(s) that have been opened. MTechDistributors.com determines which fee will apply. All returns are subject to management approval. 

For more information, contact your mtechdistributors.com Customer Service Representative at (888)411-7583 toll free in North America. 

Merchant Manual

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