Manufacturer: Nautilus Hyosung
Model: 1800CE, 1800SE, 2700CE, 2700T, 4000W, 5000CE, 5000SE, 5000XP, 5050CE, 5050XP, 5300CE, 5300XP, Halo
Description: NVRAM is broken
Solution: The NVRAM has been cleared, and the master password must be reset to default before the ATM can be reprogrammed. This error is either caused by loss of power to the main board, or is the result of a successful bootloader installation.

Corrective steps:

1. Press Enter -> Clear -> Cancel -> 1 -> 2 -> 3. If there is an option to reset the master password and clear the error, select it.

2. Follow the master password reset process for the ATM. Open the vault door. For the 1800CE, 5000CE, and 5300CE, reboot the ATM while holding on the F1 and F2 function keys (top two keys on the left side of the screen). Reset the password when prompted. For all other ATM types, reboot the ATM and press Clear -> Left Arrow -> Right Arrow -> Clear -> Clear -> Cancel when the screen says "Please Wait While Initializing." Press "Yes" to reset the Master Password and clear the keypad.

3. Once the master password has been reset to 555555, enter the operator functions and clear the NVRAM under System Setup -> System Control.

4. Re-program the ATM.

5. If the error will not clear on an 1800CE, 5000CE, or 5300CE, the IO board battery may be dead.

ATMed explanation of this issue can be found here: http://atmequipment.com/atm-ed/ATM-Ed-FFFFFF-NVRAM-is-Broken

Repair Item: N/A
Replacement Item: N/A

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