Manufacturer: Genmega, Hantle, Nautilus Hyosung
Model: 1700, 1700W, 1800CE, 1800SE, 2100T, 2700CE, 2700T, 4000W, 5000CE, 5000SE, 5000XP, 5050CE, 5050XP, 5300CE, 5300XP, C4000, E4000, G1900, G2500, GT3000, Halo, MB1000, MB1500, MB1800, MB2000, MB2100, MB2500, MBS5000, NanoCash, T4000
Description: Fast Cash Set error (cannot exceed dispense limit)
Solution: One of the "Fast Cash" values exceeds the current dispense limit.

Corrective steps:

1. Check the Fast Cash settings under Transaction Setup and make sure none of the values exceed the amount set by the dispense limit, or increase the dispense limit.

Repair Item: N/A
Replacement Item: N/A

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