Manufacturer: Genmega, Hantle, Nautilus Hyosung
Model: 1700, 1700W, 1800CE, 1800SE, 2100T, 2700CE, 2700T, 4000W, 5000CE, 5000SE, 5000XP, 5050CE, 5050XP, 5300CE, 5300XP, C4000, E4000, G1900, G2500, GT3000, Halo, MB1000, MB1500, MB1800, MB2000, MB2100, MB2500, MBS5000, NanoCash, T4000
Description: Miscount of notes between sensors
Solution: The dispenser sensors delivered varying note counts during a dispense. This can be caused by sensor or dispenser board issues.

Corrective steps:

1. Verify the operation of the exit gate (if applicable).

2. Check the number of dispensed notes against the number of bill remaining in the cassette or reject bin.

3. Clean the dispenser sensors and check sensor cabling.

4. If the error persists, replace the dispenser or send it in for service.

Note: If the ATM has an MCDU installed in it, this error code indicates that the main motor driver timing sensor is experiencing abnormal operation.

Repair Item: N/A
Replacement Item: N/A

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