Dual Pricing Program

Dual Pricing Program

What is Dual Pricing?

Dual Pricing can be defined as a program or system , enabled to assist the merchant in acquiring up to 100% of a base price revenue funded. When we think about credit card processing, we often visualize a dense envelope containing pages worth of processing fees, including ones you didn't even know existed. However, the Dual Pricing Program, terminates processing fees by implementing a small non-cash charge repricing the merchandise to a second (hence dual) price offsetting the fees that would have been incurred. This permits the merchant to make the same profit per transaction, whether the customer paid by cash or card.

Why choose our Dual Pricing Program?

MTech offers our valued customers an opportunity to excel within their business through the Dual Pricing Program. With the Dual Pricing program's nation-wide influence and effectiveness in 100% of all use cases. Many consumers who use this beneficial program establish guaranteed satisfaction with the program, customer service, and equipment! Merchants using traditional pricing are often left with over-bearing fees resulting in a decline in profits. The reason why is, the method of traditional pricing consists of processing costs calculated as a percentage per transaction made. MTech's Dual Pricing Program aids in halting processing fees from occurring on your monthly statement. 



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