Protects Your Receipt Printer

Since the receipt printer is recessed within the base, the chances of possible spillage damaging the cutter or the print head are drastically reduced, ensuring that your receipt printer is protected at all times.

Compatible with All Touch Dynamic All-In-Ones

The Universal Printer Base is compatible with all of Touch Dynamic’s All-In-Ones including, the Breeze Performance, Breeze, Pulse, Saturn 8” and 12,” Breeze 185, Acrobat. It is also compatible with Touch Dynamic’s stand-alone monitor options in the Breeze Touch, and EC150.

Powered by Single Internal Power Supply

Eliminate all unsightly wires and cables with the Universal Printer Base. Power your terminal, receipt printer and any rear display option with one power cord hidden within the Universal Printer Base. In this way, you’ll also reduce the chances of staff members tripping over cords and accidentally unplugging your POS system.

Ships Fully Assembled

No assembly required! Eliminate the headache of putting together your own POS system. With the Universal Printer base, the terminal, printer, and rear display come fully assembled for easy shipment and effortless implementation on your part.

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  • The Universal Printer Base, Compact and Convenient Design

    In an industry where spills and accidents are all too common, and sleek, polished aesthetics matter, the Universal Printer Base is a necessity. Touch Dynamic redefines the all-in-one design by integrating a receipt printer into our popular all-in-one terminals with our Universal Printer Base. The compact design of the stand allows for easy setup, and will save precious counter space and reduce cable clutter. The printer is recessed into the base of the all-in-ones to eliminate “spillage” damage, and where it is able to be easily and quickly replaced if necessary.

    For more information about the Universal Printer Base, download the spec sheet.


    • Works with Breeze Performance, Breeze, Pulse, Saturn, or Acrobat, Breeze Touch Monitor, EC150 or Android All-In-Ones
    • Printer recessed to eliminate spillage damage
    • One single power supply/cord powers the terminal, printer, and any Touch Dynamic rear display


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