Versatile Compatibility

With the TB3 Trio, you’ll have flexibility built into your thermal receipt printer since it offers three interface options including on board Serial, USB and Ethernet in one single printer. Already equipped with versatility, the TB3 Trio will immediately be compatible with your POS system.

Eliminates Paper Jams

In a fast paced environment dependent upon accuracy and customer service, it is critical that you get your customers moving through your checkout lines and out the door as quickly as possible. The TB3 Trio thermal receipt printer cuts paper swiftly and reliably, ensuring that paper jams don’t equate to traffic jams in the checkout line.

Expedites Checkout Processes

The only barcode that will work for your business is a clearly printed one. One of the TB3 Trio Thermal Receipt Printer’s strengths is that it will print your barcodes clearly and robustly, ensuring that your items are always rung up accurately and swiftly at the checkout.

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  • TB3 Trio Thermal Receipt Printer, Built for Rugged POS Applications

    Receipt printers need to be built for speed, reliability, and flexibility. The TB3 Trio meets the quota for all of these. The TB3 Trio Thermal Receipt Printer is the latest in Touch Dynamic’s reliable TB3 Printer Series. The TB3 Thermal Receipt Printer now incorporates a triple interface that includes Serial, USB and Ethernet and boasts Jam Free Autocutter technology. This versatile thermal receipt printer will ensure that your customers flow quickly through the checkout queue, with minimal interruptions, and leave satisfied with your establishment’s customer service, ready to pay another visit soon.

    For more information about the TB3 Trio Thermal Receipt Printer, download the spec sheet.


    • 3-in-1 interface
    • Direct thermal
    • High speed printing (200/mm/s)
    • Barcode printing
    • Drop-in paper loading


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