SNBC Printer BTP-R880NPV Black USB+Serial

Mtech ‘s most advanced POS printer, the BTP-R880NPV


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MTech’s most advanced POS printer, the BTP-R880NPV is an innovative , cost-effective solution to supplement your card processing needs in all restaurant or retail setups . At par with the world’s most sophisticated printers , this single compact device is packed with features to produce  high -resolution receipt printing which makes it the right choice to run your business with ease and high productivity.

• Exceedingly high 310mm/Second Print Speed
• Options for Parallel and WiFi Interface Boards
• Programmable Paper Saving Options
• No Dip Switches – Intuitive Keypad Programming
• compatible with Windows® and Linux® Operating Systems
• SDK Available for Windows, iOS and Android.

Weight 5 lbs


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