Enhanced Touchscreen Option

We understand that different environments, applications, and budgets call for an exceptional touchscreen POS option. For this reason, we offer the Pulse All-In-One with J1900 Projected Capacitive touchscreen.

Improve Customer Service

With the Pulse All-In-One J1900, you will have the option of up to 8G DDR RAM, providing higher bandwidth and data transfer at twice the rate, increasing transaction times and improving customer service in one fell swoop.

Expand POS Peripherals

The Pulse All-In-One POS system is compatible with multiple integrated POS peripherals including, but not limited to: MSR, fingerprint reader, rear LCD or VFD customer displays, and a 2D barcode scanner. This ensures that you will be able to customize your POS system to meet your unique business needs.

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  • Deliver Quick and Accurate Service with the Pulse All-In-One POS System

    The high-paced retail and restaurant industries demand quick, accurate service. The overall goal is to get keep business flowing, while maintaining and exceeding customer satisfaction levels — even during the busiest times.

    Integrating compact, high-powered technology plays a big part in reaching those objectives in your daily operations.

    The Touch Dynamic Pulse All-In-One POS system offers features to expedite workflow processes, including a quick detachable base, 15” LED LCD with Projected Capacitive touch screen, up to 8 GB of RAM and a fanless system for peak performance in harsh conditions. With an Intel Celeron Quad Core J1900 2.0 Ghz processor, the Pulse J1900 comes with Projected Capacitive touchscreen. Additionally, choose from a variety of add-on options like a fingerprint reader, MSR, rear display, or an integrated thermal receipt printer.

    To find out more about the reliable, flexible and affordable Pulse All-In-One POS system, download the spec sheet.


    • Intel Celeron Quad Core J1900 2.0 GHz
    • 15” LED LCD with projected capacitive touchscreen
    • Fanless and ideal for harsh environments
    • Up to 8 G DDR3
    • Now standard with 64 GIG SSD
    • 128GB SSD


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