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MTech Distributors Outdoor Flat Front ATM enclosure is designed to keep your ATM secure while also protecting it from the elements. Fabricated from solid 3/16 in. steel construction and featuring a solid aluminum flat front topper. These heavy-duty units are engineered to keep rain, snow, wind and other external elements safely away from the machinery. This helps to keep ATMs in good working order and extend their life to protect your investment.

The Outdoor Flat Front unit is ideal for locations that receive heavy amounts of traffic and/or locations that are unmonitored. It can be customized to your preference from a list of stock colors, and may also be enhanced with additional weather protection as well as more lighting options. Keep your ATM secure and safeguarded from theft, vandals and the outdoor elements with this heavy-duty kiosk.

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Includes 2 Puck Locks, 2 Decals, Light Kit, ATM Washers, & Your Choice of Standard Color Options.

– 1/4" base plate
– Universal fit for Hyosung, Genmega, Triton, and Hantle units

325 lbs

27 x 24 x 74 in

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