Eliminate Potential Damage to Receipt Printers

The Epson TM-m30 is housed in a recessed compartment in the bottom of the new Next Generation Printer Base. This is critical for protecting the receipt printer from potential damage to the print head or cutter caused by spills. This ensures your Epson receipt printer is protected at all times.

No Assembly Needed

The Printer Base ships fully assembled with your choice of all-in-one point of sale (POS) terminal, either the Breeze Ultra 15” or Pulse Ultra 15.” This ensures easy set up and assembly and eliminates the headache of putting together your own POS system.

Single, Internal Power Source

Prevent the hazard of staff members tripping over ugly and tangled power cords. This solution includes a single power source, hidden within the base. Eliminate the fear of employees accidentally bumping and unplugging your point of sale system.

Designed Exclusively for the Epson TM-m30 Receipt Printer

Due to the reliability and durability of the Epson TM-m30, the Next Generation Slim Printer Base was designed exclusively for this receipt printer. Interface options for the m30 include USB and Ethernet, Serial and Ethernet, Wifi.

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    The Next Generation Slim Printer Base with the Epson TM-m30

    Compatible with our Breeze Ultra 15” and Pulse Ultra 15” All-In-Ones, this stylish, next generation Printer Base performs multiple valuable functions. It houses and protects the new Epson TM-m30 receipt printer from spills or other accidents. This unit’s ergonomic and sleek design is a space-saver and it looks great in any environment. With a single, internal power source, the new Printer Base is perfect for cord management.

    For more information about the Next Generation Slim Universal Printer Base, download the spec sheet.


    • Compatible with all Touch Dynamic All-in-Ones
    • Slim, sleek design
    • Space-saving small form factor
    • Epson brand printer
    • Compatible with the Breeze Ultra 15” and Pulse Ultra 15”
    • Quest II and III Tablets can be mounted to the new printer base upon special request.


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