Small and Sleek Form Factor, BIG Specs

With an ultra slim design, less than two inches deep, and an elegant metal enclosure, the QK10 All-In-One Industrial PC Series is visually enticing. Don’t let its petite figure fool you, however; the QK10 is packed with the power and functionality of a full-size all-in-one unit. You won’t be sacrificing functionality for form. The QK10 is the complete package.

Built Tough for Powerful Performance

The three-piece housing is IP65 rated, offering total protection against dust and splashing water. The additional NEMA 4 rating means the enclosure has a gasket and the door is clamped for maximum sealing. This protects the QK10 Industrial PC from damage due to occasional wash downs or pressurized streams of water.

Customizable to Meet Each Customer’s Unique Requirements

Because the QK10 All-In-One Series offers a spectrum of configuration options, each customer can customize it according to their specific requirements. The QK10 works well for kiosk or digital signage applications. The QK10 can be mounted on a variety of Touch Dynamic bases including the Acrobat and Breeze Performance bases. With the look and feel of a tablet, the QK10 is also a PC that can be used without a base, making it a truly versatile All-In-One.

Versatile for a Wide Range of Industries and Environments

The many configuration options enable the QK10 Series to be used in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and supply chain, and more.

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  • The QK10 All-In-One Series with Small Form Factor and BIG Specs is Designed to Provide Enhanced Computing Performance and Versatility

    The QK Series are an advanced wide-screen Panel PCs that utilize state-of-the-art Intel CPUs. Its ultra slim bezel and elegant metal enclosure would attract even the most selective eye. The QK Series is available in black bezel-free touch and a 10.1” touch screen. As is the Touch Dynamic way, custom projects are always welcome with the “15.6”, 18.5” or 21.5” QK10 options.

    The QK Series offers numerous configuration options enabling the user to customize to their specific requirements. The QK Series Panel PC is the best choice for kiosk, digital signage, C-Store, healthcare and other environments.

    For more information about the QK10 All-In-One Series, download the spec sheet.


    • Fanless
    • Ultra slim design, less than 2” deep
    • Ruggedized three-piece housing provides NEMA 4 and IP65 ratings
    • High brightness LED display
    • True Flat Capacitive Touchscreen
    • Optional: MSR, rear LCD, wireless, integrated webcam
    • 128GB SSD


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