Feed module for 2K Note Cash Dispenser


Item No: S72846901


This item is feeder module only. If you want to purchase whole kit including belts screws and other hardware, please purchase 79000902

Ref Part Number :

Models : MX 5000CE (Grey), MX 8800, MX 7000T, NH 1800, NH 2700T, MX 5000CE (Blue), NH 1800SE, NH 2700CE, MX 5300XP, NH 1500, MX 5100T, NH 1800CE, MX 5200SE, HALO II , MX 2800SE, HALO, HALO S , MX 5000SE, NH 1000, NH 2000 Series, MX 5200, MX 5100, MX 7000T/D, NC 2000, NH 2150, MX5300CE


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