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This lightweight, strong, easy to install and wall-mounted ATM Armor allows private ATM owners to install their Onyx-W in an outdoor setting, whether on a temporary or a permanent basis.  It’s modular concept, composed of a base unit and an optional top makes it possible for the ATM owner to add lighting to the unit to enhance ATM visibility and offers fool-proof protection against varying weather conditions to ensure your ATM delivers a 100% performance.

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MTech’s premier product, The Onyx-W Modular ATM Armor is guaranteed to provide high-level efficiency and durability with these outstanding features:

·         Top Quality Armored Steel

·         Double Locking System with Hidden Heavy Duty Lock

·         High Security Hinges

·         Multiple Pre-Drilled Holes for Bolting Down

·         Once Bolted Down ATM Enclosure is Secured

·         Weather Resistant

·         Optional Multi-Dimensional Lighting Topper

·         Short Installation Time

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