Genmega EMV Replacement Card Reader, TDR-R240N, w/o Bracket


Item No# : 241180071


What you need to know:

  • The new TDR reader is backward compatible with all models that currently support an EMV reader.
  • The only exception to this are C4000 machines, which due to the bezel shape will require continuing use of the KYTronics readers.
  • The TDR readers use a different cable and mounting bracket – you cannot use the KYTronics cables or mounting brackets.
  • There is no need to update software to support the new reader – if your software currently supports the KYT reader – it will also support the TDR reader
  • This new reader has been field tested for over a year before releasing. Every effort has been made to make sure it’s trouble-free from the start.


What is different about this new reader:

Based on feedback and examination of card readers over the last several years, the new reader has been designed specifically to address some common issues:

  • The circuit board is mounted on the top side of the reader to help reduce liquid damage.
  • The card latching arm remains unlocked if there is no power to the ATM.
  • The underside of the reader is open to help drop coins that may be inserted.
  • This new reader does NOT require use of a ‘Reset’ board when used with older machines.


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