First Data FD 35 PIN Pad EMV / NFC (N-FD-35-HW)

Considering the precarious security situation in the us with a startling rise in cases of fraud, card associations have realised the urgency of the situation and turned to chip technology, also known as EMV. A sophisticated revision of the conventional, simple Pin card, an EMV  is essentially a chip-embedded card that acts as a barrier in letting through any counterfeit and stolen or lost cards by affirming the identity of the payment card and the card-holder.


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The First Data FD35 device goes beyond the simple PIN pad. This comprehensive, consumer-facing device not only accepts PIN-based debit transactions and swipes traditional payment cards, it is enabled to accept chip-and-PIN cards (aka EMV), which allow customers to initiate and process their own transactions without relinquishing control of their cards. It also enables NFC contactless transactions (Apple Pay), as well as mobile phone payments that include the ability for merchants to drive loyalty and repeat business by generating and redeeming special offers via consumers mobile phones.

Designed for speed and convenience, the FD35 device accepts PIN-secured and signature debit cards, all major credit cards, gift and EBT cards, and STAR network transactions. In addition, it accepts a wide variety of payment devices, including chip-and-PIN, magnetic stripe and contactless cards, as well as mobile phone payments and key fobs. User-friendly features include an ergonomic keypad, visual display prompts, and lights and audio cues, which simplify the payment process. It’s an ideal payment solution for merchants who are looking for a consumer-facing device to improve payment security and meet current and future compliance requirements, handle a high volume of small-ticket transactions and those wanting to support emerging payment technologies such as mobile. Note: This PIN Pad has a hard-wired USB cable.


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.3 × 6 × 8.4 in


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