(1 Kit Will Upgrade the CDU To 1 Additional 2K Slot.  Comes With All Needed Hardware, Belts, Spacers, and Small Cover…Does not Come With 2K Cassette)

(Rear Load CDUs Requires Additional Purchase of S45517301 And S44531201)

(MX5200SE Requires Addtional Purchase Of 7920000365)

(HALO and HALO-S Requires Additional Purchase of S4210002756 and S4140004652)

(NH2700 Requires Additional Purchase of S4210001664 and S4140002540)

(MX5000SE Requires Addtional Purchase of S4140002540 and S4210001664)

Ref Part Number : S7310000082, S45517301, S4210002756, S4140004652, S4210001664, S4140002540, S7920000365, S4210001664, S4140002540, S44531201

Models : MX 5000CE (Grey), MX 5200T, MX 7000T, NH 1800, NH 2700T, MX 5000CE (Blue), NH 1800POS, NH 1800SE, NH 2700CE, MX 5300XP, NH 1500, MX 5100T, NH 1800CE, MX 5200SE, HALO II , MX 2800SE, HALO, HALO S , MX 5000SE, NH 1000, NH 2000 Series, MX 5200, MX 5100, MX 7000T/D, MX5300CE


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