With receipt printers, ease-of-use and maintenance, as well as reliability are an absolute must. With a clamshell design, the PR-IM Impact Receipt Printer ensures easy and efficient paper loading and ribbon replacement, decreasing down-time for maintenance and the amount of time customers spend in the queue.

Eliminate Unsightly Wires

Elevate your POS system’s aesthetic through the elimination of unsightly wires with the PR-IM thermal impact receipt printer’s internal power supply. The reduction of wires at the POS also ensures that the likelihood of a staff member tripping over cables and cords and unplugging the POS is reduced.

Versatile Mounting Options

Since the PR-IM Kitchen Receipt Printer is wall mountable, you will save space and minimize counter top use. This will enable you to optimize your counter space with impulse-buy items.

Easy Upgrades

With a swappable interface card, you will be able to effortlessly interchange the connection type without purchasing a new POS printer. Whether you need an Ethernet, USB, or other sort of connection, you’ll be able to easily swap out the card and upgrade your PR-IM impact receipt printer.

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  • The PR-IM Impact Printer, High Quality Graphics, & Easy, Custom Installation

    The Touch Dynamic PR-IM Impact Receipt Printer is primarily a kitchen receipt printer and offers two-color, high quality graphics printing. Spill and heat resistant, it is built to withstand the toughest of environments. With a swappable interface, it provides effortless, customer installation, eliminating the headaches and stress that usually come with installing new technology. Additionally, this kitchen receipt printer boasts Epson compatibility and reliability, is wall-mountable and offers an external buzzer option for use in commercial kitchens, alerting kitchen staff when an order comes through.

    For more information about the PR-IM Impact Receipt Printer, download the spec sheet.


    • Clamshell design for easy paper loading
    • Internal Power Supply
    • 2-color, high quality graphics printer
    • Spill-proof and heat resistant
    • Swappable interface available
    • Wall mount
    • External buzzer option
    • Epson emulation


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