The Dejavoo 90 comes with the following standard features for all merchants on the go an ideal mobile payment device, it’s the perfect solution for transactions involving restaurant pay at the table  and is a must-have device at any venue having WiFi availability.


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  • Use your own WiFi wireless network
  • Connects easily, terminal finds available networks
  • Multiple options keep you connected
  • EMV and NFC contactless built-in
  • 3.5’’ Color LCD with touchscreen for signature on display
  • 192 MB of Memory (128 MB RAM / 64 MB DDR RAM)
  •  Model: The Vega 3000 is PCI PTS certified
  • EMV 4.x L1 and L2 certified
  • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass,
  • Prepaid Data Plans for 3G Models – No Gateways, sends an IP Transaction over the GPRS Radio
  • 3G Models use multiple data networks for unbeatable coverage map
  • Self discovering WiFi networks – set up with the touch of an icon for all WiFi enabled Models
  • 32bits 400MHz high speed microprocessor
  • Portable design with optional charging station w/added Dial & IP connectivity (for Quad Comm)


Weight 0.74 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 3 × 2.6 in


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