Cash Drawers for Any Application

Providing top-notch quality and high reliability , Mtech offers POS enabled cash drawers for optimum performance ranging  from full-sized cash drawers to be used for a traditional industrial PC and smaller sizes for use with a sturdy tablet POS system. Competetively priced, our cash drawers come with features such as a multifunction lock and drawer status reporting found only in tier one models.


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Cash Drawers for Any Application

Mtech is geared to offer broad-based  POS solutions with our 4 varying cash drawer sizes that are compatible for most POS countertops and under counter requirements. So whether you need a standard-sized POS for a PC or a smaller one for a tablet POS, we have it all covered for you.  Following are the models that we have on offer :

  • 1915- 18” W x 15.2” D x 4.3” H with metal bill weights, stainless steel finish, 5 Coin/ 5 Bill (US)
  • 2000- 18”W x 18.25” D x 4.3” H with plastic bill weights, locking lid/till cover , 5 Coin/ 5 Bill (US)
  • 3000- 16.1” W x 16.3” D x 4.48” H with metal bill weights, available in white or black finishes, 8 Coin/5 Bill (US)

Promotes Cashier Accountability MV  Since well-maintained   and accurate accounts are integral to any retail business , the dual configuration ability of the cash drawers  provides an efficient  means towards this end.  By having separate cash drawers for each cashier , the  managers are well-informed  regarding the cash drawers and their  specific attendants so that each cashier  is responsible for handling their individual drawer. This  not only limits the chances of any shared drawers between two cashiers but also acts to eliminate any potential confusion or discrepancy that  could arise , thus leading to greater accountability. (1915 & 3000 only).

Under Counter Mounting

The fact that our cash drawers  can be fitted beneath the counter  and not necessarily placed over the counter top  renders them particularly well-suited  for crowded or limited retail spaces.  Having dispensed with space, you can advertise  products at the check out counter to  induce consumers towards last minute impulsive buying  to further boost your potential sales.

Separate & Store Transaction Media

Featuring two distinct media slots , the cash drawers are well-equipped  to separate and store various types of transaction media. This in turn facilitates the cashiers to have at their disposal all the requisite and relevant  information to consummate transactions efficiently.


Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16.3 × 16.1 × 4.48 in


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