Easy to Service and Upgrade

The Breeze Performance is an All-In-One POS Touchscreen System featuring a rackable motherboard that makes field serviceability easy and fast. This also opens up a wide variety of upgrade options, making the hardware scalable, allowing it to grow with your business.

Flexible and Functional

Available with 15” touchscreen, the Breeze Performance All-In-One POS Touchscreen System is flexible enough to meet both your environmental and functional specifications, ensuring that all your business needs are met.

Never Lose Data

The optional dual hard drive for the Breeze Performance All-In-One ensures data redundancy, meaning that your data is always backed up and never lost in the event of a power outage or other technical issue.

Fast, Powerful Performance

The Breeze Performance All-In-One POS offers the fastest CPU in the POS market. It is powerful enough to be used, not only as a point of sale, but also as a server/workstation combination.

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  • The Breeze Performance, a Powerful All-In-One POS Touch Terminal Offering Extreme CPU Performance

    The All-In-One POS can be configured with increased processing speed and memory to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Available with a 15″ touch display, the Breeze Performance offers up to 16GB of memory, an Intel chipset, and up to i7 processor with 3.8Ghz. Enhanced product features include an 180W power supply, new cable management feature, a 24V printer power port and the ability to be configured with dual RAID rackable hard drives. The Performance also offers a variety of add-on options including an integrated MSR, fingerprint reader, customer display, rear LCD displays, and integrated 2D barcode scanner.

    For more information about the Breeze Performance All-In-One POS system, download the spec sheet.


    • 15” True Flat Elo Resistive Touch or Projected Capacitive Touch
    • MSR and/or Fingerprint reader
    • 8.4”, 14.1”, 15” second rear LCD
    • Intel i7-4770s Haswell up to 3.8 GHz, Intel i7-2600 Sandybridge up to 3.0 GHz
    • Dual hard drives with RAID
    • Up to 16 GB RAM
    • 128GB SSD


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