Maximum Performance

The Breeze All-In-One POS offers you the choice between six different, yet powerful CPUs. These include the Skylake Intel Celeron 3955u with 2.0Ghz, i3-6100u with 2.3Ghz, and the i5-6300u with 2.4Ghz.

Effortless Service and Upgrade Path

The Breeze’s rackable motherboard makes field service painless and easy, allowing for a smooth service path. A rackable motherboard also makes upgrading the hardware a breeze, ensuring that it’s scalable and capable of growing with your business.

Durable, Reliable Touchscreen

The True Flat screen boasts a continuous glass surface, enabling easy cleaning and a long life span. The Breeze All-In-One POS’s touchscreen is available in 15”, and 18.5″ True Flat Projected Capacitive Touch.

Customizable POS System

A wide variety of POS peripheral options are available with the Breeze All-In-One POS, ensuring that it’s capable of meeting your business needs, whatever they may be. Integrated POS peripheral options available include 3 in 1 MSR, fingerprint reader, 2D barcode scanner, and internal wireless.

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  • The Breeze All-In-One POS System, Designed to Provide Enhanced Computing Performance and Versatility

    The Breeze All-In-One POS System is a revolutionary product in All-In-One POS design. The Breeze touchscreen All-In-One POS system supports Skylake Intel Celeron 3955u 2.0Ghz, i3-6100u 2.3Ghz, i5-6300u 2.4Ghz, all fanless. The Breeze’s unique ability to slide out the motherboard gives both the end-user and reseller an easy service and upgrade path. The Breeze also boasts a quick detachable base and easy overall service features and is also compatible with the Universal Printer Base. The Breeze truly is a “breeze” to service and delivers the quality and stability you need in your demanding applications.

    For more information about the Breeze All-In-One POS system, download the spec sheet.


    • Projected Capacitive touchscreen
    • 6 CPU Choices, All Fanless – Skylake, Ivy Bridge, D2550
    • Field upgradeable in seconds
    • Up to 6 USB ports
    • Bezel-less
    • 15”, 18.5″ LED LCD
    • Rackable motherboard
    • 128GB SSD


Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 9.9 × 16.9 × 13.6 in


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