Breeze 185 All-In-One

Wide-screen Touchscreen POS

The Breeze 185 All-In-One POS features a beautiful wide-screen touchscreen that is robust without being bulky. With an 18.5” wide-screen, your display will be easy-to-read. What’s more, its ergonomic design lends a sleek and sophisticated design element to your establishment.

Easy Field Serviceability

A rackable motherboard ensures field serviceability is effortless. This also makes the Breeze 185 All-In-One POS easily upgradeable with multiple CPU choices, creating hardware that is scalable and ensuring that it grows with your business.

Expand POS Peripherals

The Breeze 185 All-In-One POS features a wide variety of ports allowing you to expand your point of sale peripherals depending on your business needs, whether that’s a barcode scanner, receipt printer, or scale. These ports include multiple USBs, multiple Serial, 1 Parallel, and 1 VGA.

Power to Perform

With the Breeze 185 All-In-One POS, you’ll have the ability to choose between three powerful CPUs. These include the Skylake Intel Celeron 3955u 2.0Ghz, Intel i3-6100u 2.3Ghz, and the Intel i5-6300u 3.0Ghz. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that it will have the power to meet the demands of virtually any application.

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  • The Breeze 185 All-In-One, a Widescreen Touchscreen POS System Boasting a Powerful CPU

    The Breeze 185 All-In-One widescreen touchscreen POS system is an advanced next generation design. The Breeze 185 All-In-One POS boasts an 18.5” LED LCD with either bezel-less resistive touch or projected capacitive touch. The Breeze 185 boasts Skylake CPUs up to Intel i5-6300u 3.0Ghz with a fanless cooling solution. The Breeze 185 All-In-One POS leverages Touch Dynamic’s legendary rackable motherboard design found in the Breeze and Breeze Performance All-In-One, making the Breeze 185 All-In-One field upgradeable and easy to service.

    For more information about the Breeze 185 Widescreen All-In-One POS system, download the spec sheet.


    • 18.5” Widescreen LED LCD
    • Up to 16 GB Ram
    • CPU Choices Skylake
      • Intel Celeron 3955u 2.0Ghz, Fanless
      • Intel i3-6100 2.3Ghz, Fanless
      • Intel i5-6300u up to 3.0Ghz, Fanless
    • Up to 6 USB Ports
    • 18.5” LED bezel-less resistive touch
    • 18.5” LED bezel-less projected capacitive touch (PCAP)
    • 128GB SSD


Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 18.1 × 13 × 9 in


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