Advanced Replacement Parts Repair

Parts Replacement

Advanced Replacement Parts Repair

Advanced Replacement Parts Repair Now Available!

MB1000, MB1500, MB2100 Nautilus Hyosung Mainboards (ARM7 & ARM9). Now servicing TDM 100 and SDD dispensers.

Quality Service

When you’ve gotten your pre-stacked container, use the pre-paid return transportation name to send your old allocate at:


Zero Hassle

Get to know about your ATM, is it completely up-to-date with the latest ADA-compliant software or not?


Easy Steps

Contact us to get a Certified Technician at 888-411-7583. Also, order your dispenser Advanced Replacement!

*Advanced Replacement” Mainboard should be the same version of that which is being replaced. For instance, if an ARM9 Mainboard is ordered, old ARM9 Mainboard must be returned to within 15 days of order. If the wrong version of mainboard is submitted or the returned mainboard is not repairable, the customer will be charged the full cost of the advanced mainboard. Prices are subject to change. Shipping and Handling charges are not included in the price.

Fill out the form or call MTech Repair Center for more information at 888-411-7583

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