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Get Easy Credit Card Processing Services For your Business. Merchant Industry will offer you a reliable and accessible services for your business.

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Credit Card Processing

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Our credit card processing solutions are capable of being integrated with a wide variety of hardware and credit card terminals, including the latest mobile and EMV solutions which makes them an ideal choice for Merchant Services. This allows us to accommodate virtually all present day systems with our inherently flexible and comprehensive Cash Discounting Program.

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  • Seamless integration with POS hardware and software systems
  • Acceptance of card-not-present transactions (eCommerce, online gateways, MOTO)
  • Mobile payment processing
  • Wired EMV Ready Terminals

At MTech, we have it all covered for you as we work on your behalf to control and process all your transactions be it credit or debit to relieve all your concerns about making the best bargain possible. Having an efficient and proactive credit card processing service at your disposal enables you to accept various forms of payment at an accelerated rate within a secure transaction environment.

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How MTech‘s no fee credit card processing and free credit card processing works

It all begins with an initial service fees paid by the customer in the course of using their credit cards which MTech will deduct as part of transaction and support charges.

From thereon, the merchant will benefit from transactions for each subsequent sale without any impending fees or bills to be paid at the month’s end. Credit cards can’t be any simpler for both the consumer and the merchant.

While being charged for all transactions that you do is not something that’s favourable or desirable particularly for small retail set ups, MTech offers relatively lower effective rates for card processing that makes the whole process feasible for you.

MTech Provides Complete Support

By opting for MTech Services, you avail the advantage of a customer service that’s available 24/7 to bring you immediate and effective solutions for all your issues at your doorstep.We offer a wide range of Services and products including Credit Card Processing Services, Credit Card Terminals, Gift Cards, Internet Processing, Check Guarantee, Check 21 and services. You are just a phone call away from having your maintenance and operation concerns addressed while also inquiring about our credit card terminal services which is our area of expertise.

MTech Distributors are dedicated to providing our customers with highly efficient, professional and cost-effective credit card processing services. By making it possible for you to accept all forms of payment without any physical constraints, this eliminates the risk of any potential fraud and hence gives rise to faster and secure transactions. In this techno-savvy world of ours, customers are all up for convenience and ease of use and it’s therefore no surprise that credit cards are fast replacing traditional cash as the preferred mode of transaction for an increasing number of customers. Since card Processing services are vulnerable to downtime owing to inevitable contingencies such as human error, technical flaws or malicious external intrusion, it’s crucial to procure the services of a card processing company with a minimum risk of outages that can serve to increase your chances of successful transactions which in turn translates into greater profits.

Contact Us Today About Your Credit Card Processing Needs

We are guaranteed to provide you top-notch and satisfactory products and services at affordable rates in an intensely competitive market so that you can make the most of the business opportunities lying ahead of you. We are driven to help boost the productivity of your business by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction for an ever-increasing and stable clientele. Contact our team today at 888-411-7583 for all the relevant information.

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