ATM Transaction Processing

ATM Transaction Processing

MTech’s staff has been providing there ATM ISO’s with transaction processing services for the past 15 years. We process transactions all around the nation from New York to California.

ATM Transaction Delivery is a full-administration enlisted Independent Sales Organization ISO that gives handling administrations to a wide range of ATM’s. Our Vault Cash is settled day by day. This incorporates access to all national and local systems including EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer). Our management tools provide you with real time accurate reporting of the terminals data, cash settlements and much more…

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  • Instantly Create New Terminal IDs
  • Monitor Cash Balances
  • Track Terminal Errors
  • Automated Report Delivery
  • Manage Settlement Distribution
  • Vault Cash Forecasting
  • Real-time ATM Health Alerts
  • And Much More!

Our ATM exchange handling framework guarantees that all activities in a solitary money exchange are finished without a blunder. On the off chance that a portion of the tasks are finished however a shocking equipment issue happens during the money withdrawal endeavor, our ATM preparing framework “turns around” the majority of the activities of this exchange and reestablishes the book keeping framework to a reliable, known express that it was in before the handling of the exchange started. If all activities of exchange are finished effectively, the exchange is finished by our ATM exchange preparing framework, and money is paid to the client.

Our packaged ATM exchange handling administrations incorporate system sponsorship; money stock repayment; charge-back warning; guideline E guarantee goals; itemized month to month revealing; and the best possible appropriation of extra charge pay.

It doesn’t make a difference! Where you are located or what sort of business you possess, MTECH Distributors can furnish you with dependable quick handling.

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