ATM Placement Programs

MTECH Distributors offers across the country ATM Placement programs choices for a wide range of organizations. Regardless of whether you are interested in purchasing the ATM or having MTECH location and deal with an ATM, we offer aggressive commission and handling rates through our top level associations with the processors and systems.


ATM Placement Programs

Full-Service Placement

Create a secondary residual income simply buy having us place an ATM at your location! Mtech’s ATM placement program allows you to reap all the benefits of having an ATM at your business without the costly expenses. MTECH will invest in the upfront cost of the machine, cash loading, maintenance, parts, signage and any cost related to the ATM. Our team of expert technicians and customer service providers is what sets Mtech apart from other ATM providers. Mtech’s is simply the best ATM provider is the tri-state area. From the second you call, we provide you with everything you need to make this process easy and rewarding for you and your business. Our consultation, ATM installation, ATM cash delivery, maintenance, customer service, and monitoring ensures that your ATM will run efficiently and productively at all times and that any issues are immediately resolved.

Merchant Owned and Operated

Earn more with your very own machine, many of our merchants prefer to invest in the upfront cost for the ATM and cash to load the machine. Under this program, the profit sharing is the highest since the merchant is responsible for providing cash for the ATM and all maintenance. Upon choosing this option most ATM providers will leave you to fend for your own. Although you own and operate the machine as the merchant we still have your back. Mtech will continue to provide you with great service when ever you need it. Many of our merchant that own their own machines would happily attest to the post purchase services we provide. Our team of well trained professionals offer training, repairs and trouble shooting to help you with any issues you may have with your terminal.


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