ATM Marketing Wraps and Screen Advertisements

ATM Marketing has become the new platform to attracting attention to your business. Sticking a few stickers on the ATM machine isn’t enough to grasp the attention of the target customer. MTech will assist you with designing profoundly alluring ATM wraps to help increase your income and visibility. ATM marketing is a cost effective way to increase ATM transactions. A strategically placed sign outside of the business, can have a massive effect on the transaction volume. A simple marketing tactic draws in consumers by having signage placed outside of the business location it eliminates the need for them to venture off looking for away to get cash. Cash only business owners will no longer lose customers to competing businesses with both ATM terminals and Credit card terminals.

We provide proper ATM Signage to all our ATM locations in order to increase traffic and visibility. Other more effective solutions to creating brand recognition are by branding your ATM. Branding your ATM creates an identity and increasing ATM visibility while attracting your consumers. Our team helps your with high quality designs and installation. Our branding solution allows your business to stand out among the competition and increases the ATM’s visibility which leads to increased ATM transactions.

MTech’s years of experience makes us experts in the marketing field. We provide extensive marketing solutions for your unique marketing needs. ATM marketing plays a crucial role in optimizing your business’s exposure. ATM marketing can have strong effect on your bottom line. Which is why we recommend you speak with one of our in house experts to help guide you in the process.


The ATM industry is always evolving towards maximizing opportunities from each location. The ATM market has always been a multi-faceted industry. ATM’s have been used as marketing tool to capture the attention of prospective consumers. Our team of experts have spent years cultivating the array of marketing tools that will help you reap the benefits of a well developed marketing strategy. Our marketing strategies will ensure growth in your companies bottom line, while targeting consumers walking by in any direction.

Mtech’s digital media solution delivers targeted marketing messages utilizing integrated support for identifying customer demographics—including gender, age group, time of day, day of week, weather, location, and many other triggers which are designed to deliver customized campaigns to your customers based on their profile, while providing real-time monitoring and powerful analytics. Our carefully developed program allows for targeting messages to specific customers, including gender, age, and other customer demographic information, as well as taking into consideration the location, day of week, time of day, weather, etc.


ATM Marketing Wraps and Screen Advertisements

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