About Us

About Us

The driving force behind MTech is to make available to an ATM merchant all that he needs ranging from ATM’S, wraps car volts, mobile ATM’s to virtually everything concerned with a functional ATM. Samir Kadi and Frank Perez, two industry veterans with vast experience, are dedicated to the cause of making the whole process easier for merchants to acquire the prerequisites to run their business with efficiency and expertise. We are constantly seeking out simple and innovative ways to expand your business, bolster your revenue and hence live up to customer expectations.

You can find us at the following locations:

Woodbridge NJ & Brooklyn NY

Custom Wraps

We create unique custom marketing wraps & topper sliders that lends a distinctive touch to your product. Highly aware of the significance of creativity in enhancing both the vitality and appeal of your brand, we are geared to ensure maximum exposure of your product which in turn results in more locations and ultimately greater productivity for your business. Fully committed to providing customer satisfaction to the fullest, we also offer custom-made package deals catering to the individual requirements of all our valued consumers.


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Customized Mobile ATM

As one of the leading providers of Mobile ATMs in the country, we work to customize Mobile ATMs as per your brand’s specifications. Our customers are allowed to select from a wide range of products such as ATM’s, NH2700T, GT300, Onyx W, 4000W, etc to name a few after which We will custom build them into a container equipped with your desired design.

Our Mobile ATMs are wireless and well -suited for any event or venue since their wireless capability makes it possible to place them virtually anywhere without any fears of signal disruption.

Furthermore, Site technicians are constantly available to oversee and ensure the machines are in operational condition throughout your event. Schedule a technician on ATMTechNow.com or download the ATMTECHNOW Mobile App.

Create your Mobile ATM with us!

Merchant Card Processing

MTech distributors provide high quality financial and technical solutions for retailers at competitive prices. MTech is governed by a team of innovators whose extensive experience of retail and distribution experience in merchant processing can prove instrumental in steering your own business towards success.

Our services include:

Our high-speed countertop credit card terminals are designed to help increase your sales utilizing their inbuilt ability to process EMV chip cards and to top it off feature Near Field Communications (NFC) capabilities, all of which are conducive for contactless payment options.

Wireless Terminals
Wireless terminals allow you to process payments and print receipts on the spot which is an ideal means for payment at table options, kiosk’s, events vendors, delivery, repair services, etc. The wireless option allows you to make fast and secure payments while also accepting EMV cards.

EBT Processing
(EBT) Electronic Benefits Transfer processing is an electronic system that allows a government welfare recipient to authorize the transfer of their benefits from a federal account to a retailer’s account to pay for goods. In 2014, the federal government enacted a revision to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that eventually put an end to retailers’ access to free equipment and EBT processing transactions.


How Bitcoin ATMs work

MTech BTM has been earnestly striving towards the goal of facilitating the usage, configuration, and ownership of cryptocurrency BTM. Our MTech BTM with its new upgraded software is a state of the art BTM, designed to cater to the demands of its new users who’ll likely benefit from its easy to use features and a safe, interactive interface. If your customers have used a cash BTM and a smart-phone before, they would have absolutely no problem in initiating their first transaction through this advanced BTM.

How Bitcoin ATMs work

Before you buy bitcoins, you first must get a wallet which can be obtained from various Wallet generating sites but the easiest option is to download a wallet App onto your phone from Coin base, Blockchain.info or any other wallet from App store.

Once you have a wallet ready, hit the start key on the BTM screen and expose the wallet’s QR code to the machine’s scanner. When your address will appear on the screen, you will then insert the bills equivalent to the number of bitcoins you want to purchase. The exchange rate, as well as the amount you are about to purchase, will be displayed on the screen.

By clicking on the send button, you will consummate the transaction and subsequently receive a notification both on the BTM screen and your phone, confirming the receipt of bitcoins into your wallet.


Selling bitcoins

In case you have bitcoins that you want to convert into fiat currency, a BTM will also help you do it.

All you need to do is to select the option of selling bitcoins on the BTM screen for which the BTM will ask you to scan its address with your phone after which you will transfer the bitcoin to it.

In exchange, the machine will dispense fiat bills equivalent to the bitcoins you transferred and this is precisely how a BTM machine works.

Apart from being easy, the process takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any specialized skills for it to be set running. Our interface is intuitive and straight forward to make transactions with your clients convenient devoid of any glitches or hassle.

Our machines are “Plug and Play” meaning that once you receive the dispatched machine, it will be instantaneously and fully operational and set up to your local currency and language.


What is Bitcoin?

This is the primary question that is likely to intrigue anyone coming across Bitcoin for the first time. Seemly, the explanation that Bitcoin is a modernized form of currency is quite apt. Notwithstanding its predominantly monetary function, the term “currency “is rather simplistic and does not serve to expound upon its broad-based critical value propositions.

It is important to note that Bitcoin is not a single solution and thus describing it simply as money is rather tenuous because of its multipurpose features and utilitarian efficacy.

Bitcoin is a currency

The fact that bitcoin performs the same functions as that of regular currency indeed makes it seem to be just any other currency. What sets it apart is that it exists primarily in digital form and is thus essentially a very part of the virtual reality of the post-modern era.

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