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The present-day era is characterized by increasing technological advancements which have resulted in greater comfort and super-fast speeds. In this context, ATM too is in a state of evolution with continual advancements in hardware, communication, security, and features which have in turn brought convenience to customers and widening business prospects for their owners.

We at MTech, have introduced various cutting -edge and high-performance ATMs for our customers which are sure to provide you guaranteed satisfaction as we are driven to provide solutions that are proactive and work more productively. All our ATM products, services and support systems have been engineered to offer utmost Reliability and flexibility. We are responsive to what our customers want from us and continually improve our offerings to make it consistent with their input. Its our innovative approach to banking and our dedicated commitment to human technology that has made us a dependable partner and global leader in the ever-changing world of banking.



Our premium ATM machine boasts of a unique and sleek design which makes it perfectly suitable for locations ranging from small convenience stores to high-end retail ATM locations. Eye-catching, customizable color LED lighting of the machine around the keypad attracts more users to drive additional transactions and revenue to your bottom line. The optional LED topper or LCD toppers are powerful advertising tools and seamless extensions of the ATM. A dynamic new user interface and an array of security options were additionally incorporated to enhance the user experience. The striking design and advanced function options make it an ideal choice for bank-branded, high-end retail locations and sites requiring greater security.



Ease of maintenance and simplified service routines provide maximum availability and increased uptime with minimal operational intervention.



MTech provides a highly intuitive operator menu program that enables first-time and experienced users to easily operate and service the machine. It incorporates modular component architecture designed for high reliability, quick service, and maximum accessibility.



MTech has developed machines that are equipped with energy-saving, durable features and parts designed to minimize environmental damage. The system uses components compatible with other retail models, allowing customers to protect their investments in interchangeable spare parts. ATM users also have the paper-saving option of no receipt or screen display of a QR-encoded digital receipt.

We understand that maximizing revenue and delivering retail solution exclusive to your business needs in a reliable and customer-friendly manner is critical to your business’s success. We have designed our ATMs for retail and off-premise locations, which come loaded with all the desirable features while also providing additional hardware configuration choices so as to allow you to customise each machine as per the needs of your customers or specific location.

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