ATM is essentially a specialised electronic telecommunications device with two input and four output terminals that needs to be connected and integrated with a host processor.. The host processor is comparable to an Internet specialist organization (ISP) in that it is the doorway through which all the different ATM systems become accessible to the cardholder (the individual needing the money).

MTech is well-equipped to ensure you the availability of the composite internal parts of an ATM both input and output as we have all the requisite internal parts for a fully functioning ATM which include the following:

  1. Card Reader
  2. Keypad
  3. Accessories
  4. LCD
  5. CDU’s (Dispenser)
  6. Printers

You’re presumably one of the millions who have utilized an ATM at some point or the other. You might have observed that an ATM has two inputs:

  • Card Readers – The card reader detects the record data displayed on the attractive stripe on the back of an ATM/charge or Mastercard. The host processor utilizes this data to direct the exchange back towards the cardholder’s bank.


  • Keypad – The keypad allows the cardholder a chance to input the information they need to give to the bank about the mode of transaction (money withdrawal, balance request, and so on.) and the amount to be processed. Similarly, the card holder’s bank requires the cardholder’s recognizable proof number (PIN) to identify the user as the legitimate card-holder.


Additionally, an ATM consists of four outputs:

  • Accessories – MTech offers an assortment of accessories which consist of a refurbished card reader, antenna extensions, power supply, audio speaker, cable, power cord, and SD card for ATM software.


  • LCD – The presentation screen prompts the cardholder’s attention through presenting a successive progression of the exchange procedure. Acting as an intuitive interface between an Atm’s internal computer and the user, the screen displays options, information and directions once the cardholder enters the data. Rented line machines normally utilize a monochrome CRT (cathode beam tube) display while Dial-up machines are generally equipped with a monochrome LCD display.
  • Receipt Printer – The receipt printer furnishes the cardholder with a paper receipt of the exchange.
  • CDU’s Dispenser – The core of an ATM is composed of a money dispensing system. The entire base part of the majority of ATMs serves as a security enclosure to store cash.

The internal structure of an ATM consists of a software and a modem which connects the machine to the data terminal. There is also a vault which is composed of multiple cash boxes, a reject box for defective currency, a conveyor belt to transfer the money along with a power supply and a control board. It is further supplemented by a diary which keeps stock of all the transactions and also maintains a record of other relevant data for future reference.

Why choose MTech above all?

  1. MTech has introduced a stock of various top notch spare parts and an efficient workforce to guarantee optimum performance and high reliability.
  2. We offer high-quality assurance and control since all our items conform to the standard quality guidelines and are subjected to continual examination to ensure their long-term usage.
  3. Supply a total arrangement of ATM hardware.
  4. Exceptional after-deals administrative framework; provide clients with requisite arrangements on an immediate basis.
  5. MTech let ATMs keep your ID number (PIN) and other data secure with its in-built encryption programming.
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