Buying ATM Machines as an Investment

Cash still retains its position as the dominant mode of payment which is why ATMs are more widespread than ever since ATM users prefer to pay with hands-on cash to avoid interest charges from the bank. Moreover, merchants also prefer clients with cash as owning an ATM in commercial areas with public turnout results in lower credit card processing fees. Since a greater number of your clients will withdraw cash from your ATM money machine and subsequently pay you in cash for any purchase they make rather than with a credit card, you will benefit by having your credit card processing charges decreased. Additionally, your cash transactions will increase as compared to your MasterCard transactions which means that you’ll have to pay considerably reduced ATM charges. Surveys indicate that most traders decrease their monthly expenses by approximately 30 percent and let your cash stay in your pocket.

Buying an ATM Machine is a viable investment for all those who possess and operate their ATM on their business site. MTechributors cater to entrepreneurs, investors, independent ATM deployers (IAD’s) and individuals seeking an open-ended, helpful, skilled and reliable ATM Company since we firmly believe in upholding transparency in an industry where credibility is what ultimately makes the difference.

You might be thinking as to who will get the business going by providing the requisite resources : Retailers, landowners, regional authorities hoping to expand incomes at parks, galleries, and other open spots, businessmen and even ordinary individuals looking for a secondary source of income can all furnish the initial surplus cash to get started.

The expense to get started with your very own ATM business is relatively moderate as compared to other businesses since ATM models can be obtained for an amount below $2,500 inclusive of the transportation charges. However, not working with an experienced and reliable ATM organization can turn out to be a huge disadvantage and therefore don’t get caught up with such inept or fraudulent ATM dealers as M Tech Distributors is here to facilitate you as soon as you approach us…

Since there is no denying that an ATM is an investment, you ‘ll probably be thinking about how much income you’ll be able to generate. This depends for the most part on the amount of foot traffic, the reason clients or guests may require cash, and the variety of payment methods that are accessible to customers. As a matter of fact, individuals catching sight of an ATM at your business place can make a world of difference between a good day and a bad day in terms of sales, incomes, and benefits.


  • Sturdy Cash Flow in the dual numbers.
  • Genuine Quality Ownership.
  • Downturn Resistant.
  • Violent Tax Advantages giving lots of tax-free revenue
  • Knowable with no unpredictability.
  • Stable uptrend in the utilization of money and ATM utilization.


The ATM Industry’s standard guideline holds that for the most part 3 – 5% of passers-by who see a functional ATM will probably end up utilizing the ATM. if we accept that you have a sum of 400 individuals daily getting through your entryways, and suppose that you are charging a $2.50 surcharge for every ATM transaction. Let’s suppose, we accept that your business is working 30 days a month. Based off the chance that you take the center ground and expect that 3% of the passersby will turn to your ATM, you can rely on your ATM to produce at least 360 exchanges for each month. As a rough calculation of your profit, you would take these 360 exchanges and multiply them by $2.50 per exchange additional charge. That turns out to be $900.00 per month or an aggregate of $10,800.00 annually which is a considerable amount to add to your fixed income.

Even a single Atm placed in one location is sure to prove a solid investment by significantly adding to your earnings. If you place more than 1 ATM machine in different places, these machines will bring amazing turn -outs for your business as they are capable of processing millions of transaction in an year. Moreover, your own business shall benefit from an installed ATM as people looking our for cash will notice your ATM sign and will likely visit your destination to make use of it. Since you have a greater number of clients drawn towards the ATM facility at your location, you will observe that a significant number of them will spend a portion of that withdrawal money in your business. According to a recent report, ATM clients spend an average of 25 percent where they withdraw the money than non-ATM users, leaving you to experience a boost in your sales.

Another question that might concern you is to know about locations that could serve as potential ATM venues. While it’s fairly obvious that convenience shops, clubhouses, supermarkets, and adult retailers are popular locations, they are nevertheless challenging to obtain. The most suitable locations are high traffic places where people need an instant supply of cash such as stores that don’t accept credit cards or where a bank might be beyond their reach.

We hope that this information will wake you up to the bright prospects of an ATM business but if you have any further queries, then feel free to contact us and get in touch with MTech Distributors’ experts who are always available to facilitate you with all the guidance and support you need.

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