MTech distributors present the Nautilus Hyosung HALO, the latest addition to our line of wholesale ATMs which is engineered with state-of-the-art cash dispensing technology for maximum uptime. As industry leaders in innovative and high-performance ATM structures, The HALO Series ATM Machines is geared to supercede the NH-1800 ATM, offering superior quality and a unique, sleek structure that is the trademark of Nautilus Hyosung. The fact that its components are compatible with other Nautilus Hyosung’s retail models allows you to employ substitute spare parts in emergency situations, hence making it a long-lasting investment with minimum losses. Simply put, You will find this Nautilus Hyosung as one of the best value retail dispensers in the industry with enhanced security features at an affordable price for your utmost satisfaction.

A prominent feature of the Halo 2 is its PCI 3.0 compliant keypad that is positioned for optimal visibility and access. Another eye catching feature is the customisable LED lights with their multi-colour hues around the keypads that would serve to attract more users and hence increase the possibility of additional transactions to boost your revenue. Another creative component that the NH HALO offers is an alternative option for an advanced receipt which shall enable clients to decipher a QR code of their exchange and then view it on a PDA. The screen on the HALO is a large, vivid 10.1″ screen with a highly intuitive operator programme to facilitate both amateur and veteran users to operate and manage the machine with ease. Integrated with Nautilus Modular component architecture, this cash dispenser justifies its reputation as one of the most reliable, efficient and accessible systems available in the market today. Although the Nautilus Hyosung HALO works with standard ATM/Debit Cards, it is also equipped with EMV Technology (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) to attract and support users seeking out cardless transactions.

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