ATM Machine Repairs

Having an ATM in your business implies that you must be aware of how critically important is to have an ATM organisation at your disposal to cover all aspects of ATM administration. MTech is driven to keep your machine up and running by tackling any impending issues beforehand, innovative strategies, quick fixes and an efficient administration you can trust and above all restrict evacuation of ATM money to a minimum.

When selecting an organization to handle ATM administration and maintenance, you look out for a company that offers both reliability competency to guide you all the way through to a successful ATM business. At MTech we understand that your ATM should be in perfect working condition and therefore we strive to guarantee that your ATM remains functional for a sustained period of time. Furthermore, if your ATM needs to be urgently fixed, our trained professionals will have your machine back in working order to your earliest convenience.

There are numerous parts in an ATM that can be fixed instead of being repaired, and this is normally a more financially savvy option. A portion of the key modules are well-known items for cash dispensing mechanism such as receipt printer, power supply, cassettes, keypad, vault door, and mainboards. The cash dispensing mechanism is one of the most common things sent in for repair since this is what holds in the cash for withdrawal. This innovation generally depends on belts and rubber wheels to dispatch the cash to the client. Rest assured, get relieved of all your concerns as MTech will facilitate you with the best of our services because we understand how vital your time and money is.


ATM Maintenance entails more than the substitution of belts and gears. Likewise, with any segment, various changes must be made once repair work has been completed. Whether it’s conveying money, issuing a paper receipt or modifying the presentation of an electronic circuit board, having a segment attuned to salient execution is a key factor for an effective repair.

MTech boasts of a team of professional experts that is aided with state of the art infrastructure and a proactive approach to fulfill all your needs as per your satisfaction. Upgraded technology, authentic repair parts and skilled ATM professionals all contribute to our qualified ATM segment repairs.

MTech is committed to providing repair at all entry-level retail ATM’s, including GENMEGA, HANTLE, HYOSUNG, NAUTILUS HYOSUNG and TRITON.


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