Benefits for the ATM users

ATM Automated Teller Machines are electronic equipments, which are operated by a client himself to place or to extract money from the bank. For utilizing an ATM, a client has to get an ATM card from his depository. The ATM card is a plastic card, which is magnetically oblique. It could be simply read by the mechanism. To operate an ATM card, the client has to place in the card in the mechanism. He has to come in the password (digit). If the verification or code word (digit) is right, the ATM allows a client to create entries for extraction or for deposit. On conclusion of the deal, the client’s card is expelled from the ATM.

  • ATM gives 24 hours facility: ATMs give facility round about the clock. The client could withdraw money up to a convinced a boundary during whichever time of the day or night.
  • ATM obtains expediency to bank clients: ATMs give expediency to the clients. These days, ATMs are situated at suitable places, like at the gas stations, airports and railway places, and not unavoidably at the bank’s building. It is to be renowned that ATMs are set up off-site (gone from bank building) also on site (setup within bank’s building). ATMs give mobility in banking facilities for extraction.
  • ATM lessens the workload of bank employees: ATMs lessen the work force on bank employees and shuns lines in bank building.
  • ATM gives facility devoid of whichever mistake: ATMs give facility devoid of fault and error. The client could get precise quantity. There is no human fault as far as ATMs are disturbed.
  • ATM is extremely helpful to the travelers: ATMs are of huge assistance to travelers. They require not take huge quantity of money through them. They could withdraw money from whichever metropolis or state, crossways the nation and yet from outside the country through the assistance of ATM.

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MTech Distributors has had years of experience and expertise in the industry that can prove incremental for your business. Whether you have single, or multiple c-stores, a gas station with mini-mart, seasonal business, mall, supermarket, airport or hotel, we are adept at providing you with hassle-free and cost -effective ATM services you can find.


We at MTech recognize that each institution has its own unique requirements and concerns, and we work very closely together to meet these specific needs.
Cash Disbursement – ATM Services bring the convenience of cash right on the campus to ensure student safety and easily accessible supply of money.


Contact us for more information about how we can affiliate with your town or municipality to create an additional revenue stream and infusing cash into your local economy at the same time. We’ve successfully partnered with selective towns to help them serve their residents and tourist ATM needs at no cost whilst generating significant revenue for the town. An ATM in your municipality, will cut down on your credit card processing fees and increase your cash payments to a remarkable extent. This will help raise the bottom line of your municipality as well as provide your patrons with multiple payment options. Contact us today to set up a survey at your local municipality.


ATM Services have traditionally been associated with several regional banks, but MTech Distributors is keen for broad- partnerships to diversify our business. If you are a smaller financial institution that has incurred financial losses due to ATM services, contact us at ATM Services for detailed information as to how we can save you precious money each month along with offering your valued customers the benefit of free or moderately charged ATM services as We cater both to private locations and a nationwide chain. Join hands with us to provide you services that are congenial to your banking institution’s requirements.



A pos system stands for a point of sale system which is a must have device in all kinds of retail environments involving sales-based transactions between customers and retailers. This system performs the double function of a stock and sales control system.



With the passage of time, we are growing from strength to strength as we earnestly strive to build up your business irrespective of its size and scale with guaranteed results.

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  • Working as ATM scrap suppliers.

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