We at MTech aim at providing you ATM programmes for all types of businesses so as to expose you to a whole range of business avenues opening up for you. Our premium Free ATM placement programme is especially designed to help maximize your inherent profit-taking potential by having an ATM installed at your business venue absolutely free of cost. Avoid the strenuous costs and hassles involved in setting up an ATM machine and set into motion your very own ATM business under our guidance and let us assume responsibility for its smooth and profitable operation. All you need to do is to maintain the cash flow at regular intervals and we shall take care of the rest be it it’s servicing, maintenance or repair. MTech is primarily driven to simplify the entire process involved in helping you run an ATM business so that you have all your queries answered and concerns dealt with right away with our customer-friendly, viable and cohesive ATM programme. Whether you are an amateur or have had years of ATM experience only to have suffered the usual blights associated with ATM, make the decision to join hands with MTech and let us take the lead in guiding you all the way through to a systematic, well -functioning and profit -driven ATM business.


Given the fact that the age-old predominance of cash has now been challenged by the advent of plastic money, there is no denying the widespread impact and immense prospects that ATM business holds concurrently as well as in the near future. It’s only a matter of time that ATM is going to supersede cash completely as increasing numbers of people turn to plastic as their preferred mode of monetary transactions both in their personal lives as well as on the professional front in view of its accessibility and security. Hence, MTech can play an instrumental role in helping you establish a foothold in ATM business by countering all possible pitfalls and shortcomings and hence embark you onto a path of a thriving ATM business. Sign up with MTech today and get started by introducing an ATM machine into your business to make the most of the vast business opportunities opening up before you. Discover and experience for yourself a tremendous turn-out in your profits as our cutting -edge, latest ATM machine will work wonders to boost your sales and earnings. You must be wondering what makes an ATM machine so integral for your business. There are a few but compelling reasons that should make you consider having an ATM machine for your business setup.

  • To begin with, it would serve as an additional source of income for you whether you own an individual business or not. All you need to initiate is to acquire permission to have your purchased ATM machine placed at any business venue which would benefit both the business owner and you as well.


  • Secondly, Credit card owners are more likely to stop at places having an ATM facility. So simply the presence of an ATM machine at commercial venues such as general stores, bars, night clubs, restaurants etc will ensure convenience for customers.


  • The most important advantage that an ATM holds for its consumers is the sense of security it provides. The fact that their money is protected by a pin results in increased confidence and satisfaction for customers who can then shop with far greater interest without an impending threat of being robbed during the course of shopping.

Finally, you ‘ll notice a dramatic rise in your potential customers and thus an enlarged profit margin by virtue of an ATM placed at your premises. This in turn will act to bring innovation and efficiency to your business.

Another question that arises is what makes MTech so distinctive for you to choose it above others. Here are a few reasons that should make you consider opting for MTech:

More than anything else, by placing your trust in MTech, you will be making a sound decision for a long term investment that will live up to all your expectations with regards to a viable ATM business. As leaders in the ATM industry, we are committed towards excellence as we constantly seek out innovative strategies to supplement your business goals in keeping with developing trends in commerce and technology.

Secondly, our unparalleled workmanship in building high performance ATM units coupled with our highly efficient customer service is always available to facilitate our valued customers for all their ATM needs. Last but not the least, our affiliation with our customers extends right from the time of the purchase till the very end as we earnestly strive to offer aid and assistance in order to realize your business objectives to your utmost satisfaction.



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