Cash Discount for Merchants

In this consumer-driven world of ours, customers enjoy the privilege of having a multitude of convenient ways to make payments in both personal and business transactions.

However, card processing fees can incurr serious limitations on already-meagre profit margins and thus affect your business’s feasibility and viability to yield the desired outputs.

Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees with our Cash Discount Program

Reap the benefits of receiving both cash and card payments by legally sharing your card processing costs with customers. Our Cash Discount Program makes it possible for customers paying through cash to benefit from our discount schemes while Customers preferring to pay instead with a credit or debit card pay the price that’s enlisted.

Cash Discount Program Benefits

  • Increase your normative share in the revenue
  • Reduce monthly processing card fees
  • Encourage cash payments by offering discount packages
  • Transparent pricing
  • Minimize credit and debit card chargebacks
  • Distinguish your business in a highly competitive scenario
  • Create good will amongst customers, and hence a tradition of recurring visits from loyal customers.
  • Does the program include a free card reader? Most programs seem to

Transparent Pricing

Your device automatically determines service fees and cash discount amount such that the very transparency of Cash Discount pricing enables both customers and merchants to keep track of their payments rather than having to suffer the brunt of hidden charges.

Simple Enrollment

No complex procedure, simply sign up by  Completing your application, select your service fee and finally setup your signs to get you going.

Smart Payment Terminals

Whether you are in need of a single card reader or a full POS system, MTech’s payment terminal is ingeniously designed to fulfill all your needs by automatically determining service fees and cash discount amounts.

No Obligation Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t seem to be satisfied with our cash discount program, we assure to revert you back to our traditional processing.

Increase Your Revenue by Reducing Your Credit Card Fees.

Make the ultimate move that puts more money in your pocket every month with our Cash Discount Program.

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