ATM Placement Options Designed for Your Business Needs

Offering several ATM placement and processing options providing all that you need right from getting started with an ATM to managing multiple terminals, MTech has it all covered with its cohesive and compatible programme.

Earn 100% Surcharge & 100% Interchange Income with Our Most Popular ATM Program

Merchant Owned / Merchant Managed Program

For merchants eager to move beyond limited earnings, our most popular program allows you to purchase an ATM and also replenish it by maintaining stock cash totals all by yourself. Moreover, You get to receive a remarkable 100% of both the surcharge and the interchange income on cash withdrawals, balance inquiries and transfers – all in exchange for an affordable processing cost based on your overall monthly transactions.

Additional ATM Programs Options

Merchant Owned / MTech Managed

Purchase an ATM and MTech will keep it stocked with cash via a reliable armored carrier. You receive 100% of the surcharge income and MTech charges a cash loading and processing fee based on your monthly withdrawals.

MTech Owned / Merchant Managed

MTech supllies you with an ATM machinr and it is up to you to keep it stocked with cash and receipt paper. Also, You avail 100% of the surcharge income – all for a low monthly processing price along with 2nd line service at the behest of MTech.

MTech Owned & Managed

MTech provides an ATM and full service, including cash replenishment, to your business at no cost at all so that You receive a surcharge income while Service, repairs, and upgrades are managed by MTech.monthly withdrawals.


So you are considering you would love to obtain an ATM mechanism set up in your industry although you do not know how to go regarding it?  Wish to know what choices are obtainable and how to employ an ATM business?  If that is the sort of data you are searching for, then you have absolutely come to the correct place.

So let’s get started

Step 1 – Decide if your site actually would be a finest site for an ATM.

This is quite easy and simple. If your organization has huge digits of individual coming with the door each and every month AND there is a requirement for money, then you almost certainly have a finest site for an ATM.  Convenience shops, bars, and drinking organizations are instances of finest sites. If you have a lot of clients inquiring regarding an ATM that is a finest sign you may be a finest site. If you are not that hard and there is no “requirement” for money, then it is almost certainly not a finest site.
There are usually 3 Tiers of site categorizations; Tier 1 sites are marquee sites such as huge crowd public places huge bars through additional than three hundred rooms, hectic convenience shop gas places in metro regions, and similar. Tier 2 sites are medium-sized restaurants, huge AND hectic drinking organizations, condo constructing, hospitals, and the like. Tier 3 sites are minute restaurants exterior metro regions, bars and hotels, and those sites that would not do extra than fifty dealings every month.

Step 2 – Comprehend your choices.

This is founded on what you resolute in Step one.  As you might anticipate, if you have a finest Tier 1 or Tier 2 site then you have additional choices when it comes to obtaining an ATM.  ATM workers would create savings and proffer placement structures for finest or decent sites although won’t for not as good sites.

Here is a summary of the choices obtainable:

ATM Placement – If you contain a high-traffic site through a requirement for money, a sovereign ATM worker that facilitates your region might be willing to give/provide an ATM mechanism, direct everything (counting the money loading), and chop you in on the incomes. The worker really purchases the ATM; set ups it, loads it through money, and does the entire maintenance.  Complete facility ATM placement is a totally hands-off, tranquil agenda through no monetary pledge, creating it well-liked choice when sites could succeed. This turnkey resolution is just only obtainable to Tier 1 or Tier 2 sites.

ATM Association – If you would love to earn extra cash from the ATM and are eager to freight the ATM through money when it requires it although do not wish to disburse the rate to purchase an ATM, then the ATM association model might be the finest choice and option.  Through this model, a sovereign ATM worker might be eager to purchase and direct/facility the ATM then tear the supplement income through you.  50/50 division is general in the company. For the reason that there is usually no honest monetary pledge other than the money essential to load in the mechanism, this is frequently an accepted choice for fresh and new industries/sites. Several ATM sellers would really permit you to begin through this choice then if you wish to purchase it later, you could.

ATM Buy – If you wish to create the entire supplement income or you do not superiority for placement or association, then the option will be the ATM purchase structure.  This is one attractive directly forward; you discover an ATM to purchase and direct each and everything yourself, counting the money loading.  If you possess the ATM, provide the money, and do the entire preservation then you must be allowed to hundred percent of the supplement.  That is our tip of sight by the way.
Usually busier and nicer sites go for the fresh and new ATMs and several Tier 3 sites refer lower money utilized ATMs.  Fresh and new ATMs are in the dollar 2K vary plus or minus relying.  Utilized ATMs (that are yet acquiescent), are fewer luxurious although not forever simple and easy to discover.  When searching for a location to purchase your ATM, be certain to ensure you contrast apples to apples and aspect in the money dispenser and the padlock.  Digital padlocks are normally referred about manual padlocks. Then inquire yourself if you wish to set up it yourself or have somebody else set it up.  If you wish it set up for you, then make certain the potential seller proffers that facility.  Several ATM industries would just only setup ATMs that they vend so inquire regarding this up front prior to you purchases. ATM set up usually comprises of tooling lag locks into the ground and you could do it yourself if you have single of those huge tangible drills (or you could lease one).  The additional important thing you require when buying an ATM is ATM dispensation.  To make simpler things, it is normally a finest though and idea to purchase the ATM from a business that could as well proffer dispensation.  You do not wish to purchase an ATM from single seller and discover an additional seller for dispensation. So in précis, choose if you wish fresh and new or utilized ATM, choose even if or not you wish to have it set up or not, and make certain you line up the dispensation account.

Step 3 – Discover an ATM industry that facilitates your region

Now that you are familiar with what categorization of site you are and what choices might be obtainable, it is instance to discover an ATM business that could assist through that you require.
If you are studying towards the ATM post or association program, then it would be significant and important to discover a seller that facilitates your region. This sort of facility clearly needs an ATM technician within a sensible and rational driving space or a countrywide ATM organization industry that subcontracts through nationwide IT operation technicians and unbreakable transporter money organization industries (although this is just only obtainable for Tier 1 sites). As a huge scale self-governing ATM worker, Mtech distributor proffers placement and association programs in most main nations crossways the country. To query, only just finish our ATM Request Form.  If you would refer to buy an ATM from an industry that could as well proffer set up and dispensation, we could assist you through that as well.  When choosing an ATM seller, be certain to do several due assiduousness and look at the ATM seller’s BBB ranking, every previews you could discover online, and inquire for a list of preferences in your region. Make certain the ATM seller has cover and proffers a pale and easy contract.

Benefits of Having an ATM On-Site:

  • Reduce Credit Card Fees – Especially congenial for cash-intensive businesses, like convenience stores and restaurants wherein the average transaction is well under $20, a well-advertised ATM will work to lower credit card expenses.


  • Increased Traffic & Sales – ATMs can help increase overall sales by drawing in new customers, eventually bringing about customer loyalty and encouraging visitors to spend more at your location. This can be seen Most of the profit from an ATM is seen in daily cash register receipts, with 25-35% of the cash withdrawn from an ATM spent in the location.


  • Improved Customer Service – Although Cash remains the preferred method of payment for small purchases, An ATM acts as an additional, convenient service for customers who will eventually come to appreciate and use it on a regular basis


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